Lifting Your Heel. Elevating Your Expectations.

For most of forty years we have manufactured and distributed our own heel lifts and other high-quality shoe lifts and pads from selected manufacturers.

Our heel lifts are specially designed for maximum comfort in the shoe, with features like extended length, rounded edges on cork lifts, and firm support to avoid heel rubbing.

We use only top quality materials and manufacturing processes. As one example, our solid vinyl heel lifts are injection-molded, rather than poured and cast. This precision molding process ensures uniform thickness, a more comfortable shape, and no voids, for a higher quality shoe lift in all respects.

Our measurements are uniform, and reflect the true height added by a heel lift; measured where the center of the heel rests, not at the back edge.

Our heel lift products are in use for a wide variety of therapeutic needs, including lower back pain, associated with leg length differences or short leg syndrome, Achilles' tendon pain and inflammation, post-surgical and post-stroke rehab, prosthetic adjustment, osteoarthritis of the medial knee, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and in sports such as running and golf.

Your satisfaction with our heel lifts and other products is guaranteed. If you should ever have a question about a G&W product, contact us - we intend to please.

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