Heel & Foot Lifts

Heel and foot lifts are firm supports most often used under one heel to compensate for a leg length discrepancy (anisomelia), or lower back anomaly with related back pain, ease tension on the Achilles' tendon, or for other rehab uses. Heel lifts are usually sold individually, and are intended to be semi-permanently installed in a shoe.

Our in-shoe lifts are the best available. They are firm, in order not to create heel slip or bounce in the shoe, yet they conform to the shoe for best-available comfort. Our heellifts are made of the finest vinyl and natural materials (no latex), and are easily cut to a perfect fit with scissors or sharp knife if necessary.

One type of our in-shoe heel lifts is designed to be placed directly into the back of the shoe and permanently fixed in place using contact cement or tape. These are not easily removable or easily cleaned, and should be discarded when shoes wear out. Our Cork lifts and Adjust-a-Lifts are of this type.

The other variety of heel lifts are for use under the insole or removable footbed of the shoe. These tend to be the most comfortable, since both shoes will fit and feel alike. Since they can easily be removed or cleaned, these can be reused through many pairs of shoes. Our Molded Vinyl and Clearly Adjustable heel and foot lifts are designed for this use.

You will want a variety of lifts to fit different types of shoes, so we offer a selection of fixed and adjustable-height lifts in sizes to fit any shoe. Cork lifts are lightweight and inexpensive, while molded lifts are more durable. For greatest comfort and flexibility, try the Clearly Adjustable lift.

We measure shoe lift height directly under the calcaneous (heel bone) to deliver the exact heel raise prescribed, rather than measuring at the back edge of the lift as others do. This means that our lifts may be thicker than those with the same nominal height from other manufacturers.
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