International Shoe Size Equivalents

Our firm is based in the U.S., and so we use U.S. shoe sizes to describe our products. These tables will assist you in translating from your local shoe sizes to U.S. sizes.

To find your U.S. size, start with the Men's or Women's size table. First find the column for your country or region, then read down until you come to your shoe size. Follow that row to the left to the U.S./Canada size column at the left, and read your approximate U.S. size equivalent there.

Note that this is only approximate, as shoe sizes vary slightly by manufacturer and location, and some sizes fall between two sizes in other countries' measurements. If you are in doubt between two sizes, we suggest trying the larger, as our products are easily trimmed to fit.

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Women's Shoe Size International Equivalents

Mens Shoe Size International Equivalents

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