G&W Heel Lift - Premium Heel Pads and Spur Pads

These various heel pads are ideal for the treatment and prevention of painful heels, heel spurs, Sever's disease, and plantar fasciitis.

Their impact-spreading quality helps protect the calcaneus and all associated skeletal structures up to the hips. Reduces painful pressure on plantar warts, heel spurs, or bruises.

Our heel pads are made of shock-absorbent materials, which spread the impact and pressure of walking and running. These are heel cushions, not heel lifts, and are meant to reduce impact and pressure points, rather than adding elevation. They are not foam rubber pads, they are made of gel-like materials which do not compress. Instead, when pressure is applied, the material acts like a liquid, and diverts the vertical shock into horizontal movement - as though you are walking on water. Because they do not compress, they are less likely than foam pads to cause your heel to move up and down in your shoes, causing callouses and blisters.

Star Heel Spur Pads for Plantar Fascitis from G&W Heel Lift
Our Star Spur pad has a void to soften and distribute pressure and impact from under the heel.
PQ Premium Heel Pads for heel spurs
PQ Premium Heel Cups offer viscoelastic materials in a dual durometer heel cup, to soften pressure and impact around the calcaneous area under the heel bone.
Our heel pads support the heel area with a feathered edge, and can either be moved from one pair of shoes to another, or can be installed semi-permanently using our heel lift tape. They are designed to be used directly under the foot, for maximum dissipation of shock and pressure.

Heel Pads are intended to provide impact and pressure relief for the heels of the feet, so they are sold in pairs. They are easily trimmed to fit your shoe with scissors.

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