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Star Heel Spur Pads for Plantar Fascitis from G&W Heel Lift
The Star Spur pad is a big help in the reduction of pain from a heel spur. The spur pad has an indentation in the center which reduces pressure on the center of the heel to a minimum. It is designed to relieve the pain of calcaneal heel spurs and plantar fasciitis by reducing the inflammation caused by the constant irritation of pressure on the heel when walking It has a unique star design, which helps dissipate shock and shear forces in 5 different directions from the contact point of the heel. The pads are approximately 4mm thick, and take up little room in shoes. The Star Heel Spur Pad is sold in pairs.

The Star Spur Heel Pad is intended to be semi-permanently mounted in the shoe, directly beneath the heel You may wish to use some of our heel pad tape to keep them located in your shoes.

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