PQ Premium Heel Pad

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PQ Premium Heel Pads for heel spurs
Our PQ premium heel cup design helps dissipate shock and shear forces with a large center gel material, surrounded by a less-soft pad. The pads are approximately 4mm thick, and take up little room in shoes.

The PQ Premium Heel Pad is supplied in pairs.

This is a dual durometer cup, with a softer material in the center, which provides maximum shock and shear force absorption and dissipation. Ideal for the treatment and prevention of painful heels, spurs,and plantar fasciitis. The heel cup also helps to reduce pronation or suppination and allows better alignment for the sub-talar joint. It also helps protect the calcaneus and all associated skeletal structures in the hind foot.

These premium cups are neutral gel-like plastic and can be used with other lifts or Valgus or Varus wedges to easily meet any combination of requirements.

It is designed relieve the pain of calcaneal spurs and plantar fasciitis by reducing the inflammation caused by the constant irritation of pressure and motion when walking.

This product is made in the USA

The PQ Premium Heel Pad is intended to be semi-permanently mounted in the shoe, on top of the insole beneath the heel You may wish to use some of our heel pad tape to keep them located in your shoes.