Heel lifts, shoe lifts, and full foot lifts help to reduce leg deficiency. Reducing leg deficiency helps in reducing some spinal curvatures and scoliosis. Reducing leg deficiency also helps in reducing back pain and altered gait. Heel lifts, also help with Achilles' tendonitis and post-surgical achilles’ tendon repair.

Heel wedges help with osteoarthritis of the knee, and reduce pronation or supination of the foot and ankle.

Heel pads such as spur pads and heel cups help reduce the discomfort of heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Leg length measuring blocks-vinyl help to determine the amount of leg deficiency.

Our heel lifts are designed for maximum comfort in the shoe. Such features as, extended length, beveled edges, adjustable heights, and all with firm support to provide the amount of lift needed plus providing comfort and ease of use.

Only top quality materials and manufacturing processes are used. As examples, our solid vinyl heel lifts are injection-molded rather than poured and cast. This precision molding process ensures uniform thickness, a more comfortable shape, and no voids, for a higher quality shoe lift in all respects. Our cork lifts are consistently made with high density cork to eliminate compression or loss of height. And, the Clearly Adjustable Lifts and Foot Lifts are made with clear vinyl in true 1mm layers to provide an exact adjustable height from 3mm to 18mm.

Our measurements are uniform, and reflect the true height added by a heel lift; measured where the center of the heel (calcaneus) comes in contact with the lift.

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More information about heel lifts is available here.