Cork Starter Pack - 48


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Cork Heel Lift Starter Pack of 48 from G&W Heel Lift
Great savings on our Professional Starter pack!

This is a professional package of our cork heel lifts. Forty-eight lifts in an assortment of sixteen sizes and heights, weighted by the most-often used combinations.

The Starter pack includes a roll of our special heel lift tape, which is sufficient for several hundred lifts, along with our Leg Insufficiency Measurement Pad, and 25 patient brochures explaining why heel lifts are used.

You can replenish this assortment by ordering as many or as few lifts that you require in any selection of sizes. Our heel lift tape can also be ordered separately.

Organizations wishing to purchase via Purchase Order or established account can fax a PO to 1-573-885-3202 or call 1-800-235-4387.

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Our special tape for heel lifts
Special double-faced tape to secure heel lifts in shoes. We include this tape with our Patient Packs and Starter Packs.