G&W Heel Lift, Inc. is proud to offer a new and innovate product from Renegade Sports Care Gear, LLC – ProtektMotion which provides immediate care for ankle injuries.

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FirStep™ Ankle First Aid Kit

Product Description

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Prevention of swelling is the most important “first step” towards rapid recovery, because swelling limits motion. The use of focal compression is the most effective method to prevent swelling. Ice has long been used, but not as effectively as a proper focal compression wrap at resolving it. And ice is not always readily available at the time of the injury. The FIRSTEP™ kit is designed to be taken with you to the court, track, field, trail, or wherever you go.

A wrap, by itself, forces swelling to fill the divots around the ankle knobs robbing joint motion, which, is exactly what you do not want. The donut pads provided in the FIRSTEP™ kit fill the hollow areas providing equal pressure around the ankle. This keeps swelling from collecting in, or forces swelling out of these areas.

The kit contains two skin safe self-adhering focal compression donut pads and one 4” x 48” heavy-duty latex free elastic wrap with Velcro closures. The kit is lightweight and packaged for convenience.

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