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G&W Footbeds for Comfort and Support
These footbeds are sold in pairs, and are cut to order for your exact shoe size. Please select your exact shoe size so that we can provide a footbed that fits without much trimming. Note that the shoe size you need may vary between different pairs of shoes.

Stock insoles or footbeds are almost always substandard, even in the most expensive shoe or boot. The incorporation of a well designed foot bed or insole can help eliminate a substantial percentage of minor foot and ankle discomfort.

Orthotic vs. Footbeds and Insoles Unlike orthotics, footbeds or insoles do not correct biomechanical problems. They are designed to stabilize your feet while they are in motion. Most trim-to-fit footbeds are simple remedies, alleviating minor foot and mechanical problems. They are designed for comfort and improved shoe fit.

What do footbeds or insoles accomplish? Footbeds help to align the foot and ankle in relationship to the surface underneath. With the foot and ankle better aligned, the tendons of the foot and ankle are relaxed and not under stress. This means more time at your activity with less fatigue.

G & W Footbed Features:
    Dense thick foam, with a deeper heel cup and excellent support of the arch
  • Excellent heel strike protection, shock absorption
  • Better shoe or boot fit
  • Better control of pronation and suppination of the hind foot
  • Reduction of foot and lower body fatigue
  • Improved insulation when compared to stock footbeds
  • Tapered to fit all types of shoes or boots
  • Easily trimmed for a perfect fit