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Ischial Lifts for Improved Lumbar Spine Biomechanics while sitting
Ischial, or pelvic lifts are pads used while seated. Their purpose is to level the sacrum, or 5th lumbar in the sitting posture. The result is a straighter spine with less shear stress through the posterior vertebral joints.

Our 3" X 4" ischial lifts are made of soft vinyl material by injection molding resulting in the best quality and durability. Supple but not crushable, this is a lift for elevation, not a cushion.

The picture at left shows the ischial lifts upside-down; the thicker lifts have cavities molded into the bottom to reduce weight and make the pad more flexible for your comfort.

These can be used on any seating surface and carried along with you as you move through the day. Lightweight and comfortable on any chair or seat anywhere.

More information on heel lifts and their use in improving Leg Length Inequality and Low Back Pain, or how to determine your need for one.

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