Leg Length Measuring Blocks-Vinyl


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Leg Length Discrepency  Blocks-Vinyl
When it comes to measuring leg length, this measuring block will serve you well.

G&W Heel Lift developed this leg length discrepancy measuring block to be used by healthcare professionals to measure leg length discrepancy using the indirect method of measurement.

This leg length discrepancy measuring block consists of 8 layers of vinyl material. Each layer is 3mm (1/8”) thick. The layers can easily be separated and re-assembled. It is a total of 24mm in height. Perfect for evaluating those patients following total hip replacement.

This vinyl leg length discrepancy measuring block is durable and will last for years.

The separate PVC layers are easily cleaned with soap and water or sanitary wipes - just wipe the surface after use, or wash, dry, and re-stack for complete cleaning.

The leg length discrepancy measuring block is used in The Indirect Method for Determining Leg Length Inequality: a quick way of determining the approximate amount of structural leg deficiency in those patients who have suffered a severe fracture of the lower extremity or pelvis, or have received a hip or knee prosthesis, as well as patients with unilateral developmental problems of the lower extremities.

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