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Ankle Support for faster healing of ankle sprains while ambulatory
Ankle Support/Ankle Foot Orthosis/Best Ankle Brace
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Product Description

The ankle support or ankle foot orthosis is a specialized orthotic which can reduce the healing time of common ankle sprains while allowing you to remain on your feet.

Dr. Jeff Fair invented and patented the ankle-foot orthosis. It is a firm heel cup with a 15-degree wedge shape, which extends forward for support and tilts the ankle toward pronation, reducing the stress on the ATF and other ankle ligaments on the outside of the ankle. The ABS plastic cup is designed to stabilize the calcaneus and to support the ATF and other peroneal tendons of the ankle. It can easily be cleaned if necessary and is non-allergenic.

The most common ankle sprain is an inversion sprain, which occurs when the ankle "turns in" and the foot rolls under, often while contacting the ground, i.e. the ankle supinates too much, and the Anterior Talofibular (ATF) ligament and other peroneal ligaments on the outside of the foot become stretched or damaged. The damage causes bleeding within the tissues and the ankle begins to swell up and can be very painful, with the worst pain usually on the outside of the foot, just below the ankle bone (lateral malleolus).

Walking or running with an injured ATF ligament repeatedly stresses it, and this can make unassisted healing while remaining active a painful and lengthy process.

This ankle foot orthosis can be used in street shoes, sports shoes, or boots to prevent inversion of the ankle while walking or jogging. It will remain in place in the heel of the shoe and does not require fastening in place. It can be used with other orthotic footbeds if necessary but needs to be placed on top of the device. The SAO can also be used as a preventative measure during sports activities for people who have had repeated ankle sprains; by adding pronation, the tendency to roll the foot under is reduced.

Persons with flat feet may need to limit the amount of time the SAO is used each day to prevent over-pronation, and it should not be used for more than a couple of months while the ankle heals, as excessive pronation could cause the same knee or back issues that flat feet sometimes create.

Dr. Jeff Fair holds patents on several inventions that have provided student and professional athletes added protection from injury while still being able to play.

The SAO is available in three sizes. Please specify Left or Right foot when ordering.

More about the inventor of the ankle foot orthosis

Jeffrey David Fair is a former college football athletic trainer. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the College of Education at Oklahoma State University in 2015, the Mid-America Athletic Trainers' Association Hall of Fame in 2002, and the Oklahoma Athletic Trainers' Association Hall of Fame, also in 2002. In 2015 Fair was awarded an honorary degree from the U.S. Naval Academy for his 18 years of dedicated service and selfless dedication to Naval Academy sports.

Fair joined the U.S. Naval Academy in 1997 as the Director of Athletic Training Service and continued his role becoming the Academy's Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine until his retirement in 2015. His 18 years of service and total dedication to the future Sailors and Marines of the U.S. Navy centered on keeping the student athletes in top condition and health.

It was while at the academy that Fair used his talents and experience to fashion NCAA-approved devices for aiding players to get back on the field while still recovering.

Dr. Fair is also the inventor of the "Cowboy Collar" which holds three separate patents. The Cowboy Collar is a protective vest having a collar or neck guard intended for use with helmets and, optionally, with shoulder pads or harnesses, of the types worn by players in contact sports and has been used by players from all levels including the National Football League.

He also designed the "Anchor" Shoulder Brace in conjunction with Top Shelf Orthopedics with a patent currently pending. And, he has designed football cleats for Nike and helped develop the Goalie Glove Thumb Protector.

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