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Adjust-a-Lift heel lifts
The Adjust-a-Lift is made of 1/8" three layers of neoprene rubber and a layer of leather on top. the layers can be removed to get approximately the right height when placed in the shoe. The layer of leather makes this more of a lift than a pad; similar-looking products with a nylon top are generally too soft and spongy to serve as heel lifts.

The Adjust-a-Lift is sold in single lifts, not pairs

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The main advantage of the Adjust-a-Lift is that you need not remove the insole or footbed of your shoe to use it, as the top leather cover is absorbent and comfortable underfoot. However, it cannot be cleaned but can be expected to maintain its height for up to 6 months.

The neoprene material used is somewhat compressible, so you may notice your heel moving up and down or rubbing in your shoe slightly when walking with an Adjust-a-Lift. The foam will also compress slightly as you walk on it, so the height it provides will become less over time.

The Adjust-a-Lift is usually used in closed-heel fashion shoes or sandals.

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