Clearly Adjustable Combination Full Foot Lifts

Combination Full Foot Lifts
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Clearly-Adjustable Combination full foot lift
Each Combination Lift ordered contains 18 layers. Each layer equals 1mm.

The G&W Clearly Adjustable Combination Full Foot Lift is made of the same compliant transparent material as Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts, but in a new configuration of heel lift and foot lift that can provide up to 18mm (3/4 of an inch) of comfortable elevation inside the shoe. This Clearly Adjustable Combination Foot Lift extends the length of a tapered 12mm heel lift almost to the metatarsal, minimizing the slope on which the foot rests, and adds to this a full-foot insole lift of 6 mm. This design minimizes the change in ankle angulation that a heel lift only solution creates. The foot can remain nearly level, and related changes in gait, foot pressure, and Achilles' tendon length are reduced.

Elevation can be easily customized for best fit and exact elevation by removing and replacing layers of the full foot lift portion, or the heel lift, or both. The Clearly Adjustable material will not crush or change height in use but will quickly conform to the shape of the shoe for the least possible change in shoe fit and feel.

The G&W Clearly Adjustable Combination Foot Lift uses a transparent vinyl material which clings to itself without sticking to anything else, and which can be easily cleaned when necessary. The material does not absorb moisture or support bacterial growth, so it does not cause any odor in the shoe.

This Foot Lift is the right choice for many clients’ needs where leg length compensation is required of a greater degree than is commonly done inside the shoe. The Combination Foot Lift requires considerable room inside the shoe, so shoes with toe-to-top lacing and a tall toe-box are ideal to allow fitting the lift. It may be necessary to get a larger shoe size.

A few specific uses for the Combination Foot Lift are: • Post Hip Replacement: many hip replacements cause a significant leg length inequality.

• Prosthetic lower limbs or feet can be fitted to the shoe for better control. Soft or spongy insoles can reduce the connection with the ground. Replacing an insole with a Combination Lift provides for snug fit of the shoe, exact control over height for swing-through, and firm contact with the surface for secure footing.

• The combination lift is excellent for firm support for sports use.

• For those with their smaller foot on their shorter leg, the Combination Foot Lift is ideal, offering a combination of best shoe fit with precise heel elevation.

Because the foot lift takes up room in the forward part of the shoe, it will cause shoes to fit tighter; approximately 1 US shoe size for each sixe layers of insole used. Laced shoes will allow the patient to use this lift comfortably by loosening the laces to suit. Shoes with a tall toe-box are ideal for use with the Foot Lift to avoid too tight a fit at the toes, or, the layers from the metatarsal forward can be trimmed to taper the lift and allow additional room for the toes.

Clearly Adjustable Combination Foot Lifts are custom made to shoe sizes. Sizes range from Women’s size 7 to 12, Men’s size 5 to 14, and Children’s sizes 4 to 7. We attempt to cut these lifts to fit your exact shoe size. However, some trimming may be required. If so, here are some suggestions: - Remove the regular insole from your shoe, if possible, and use as a guide. - Using a magic marker draw an outline of your present insole on the lift. - Separate the Clearly Adjustable in 2-3 mm increments and cut away the areas outside your outline with a pair of scissors. - Re-assemble the layers.

If you notice the foot lift tending to slip while walking, then a small amount of double-faced tape may be required to hold the lift in position. If tape is required, we recommend our Heel Lift Tape.

Clearly Adjustable Lifts should always be used after evaluation and recommendation by a qualified health care professional.

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