3° V/V Heel Wedge

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PQ Three-Degree Varus/Valgus Wedges
Our PQ Wedge provides approximately three degrees (1/8") of pronation or supination control. The PQ wedge is sold in pairs with opposite tilt.

The 3° wedge is intended to be semi-permanently mounted in the shoe, preferably beneath the heel under the foot bed or insole, but can also be used directly under the foot, due to its cover.

The PQ wedge is made of a firm rubbery PQ material with a 3mm thickness and a leather-like foamed plastic cover that can be washed clean when the wedge is removed from the shoe.

Wedges are designed to help align the calcaneus (heel) during ambulation to limit excessive pronation or supination. They improve foot function by stabilizing weak, rotating ankles.

A lateral heel wedge is often useful for patients with early medial compartment osteo-arthritis provided it is used with an understanding of the indications and its limitations. Research shows that patients with early medial compartment osteo-arthritis of the knee were treated with lateral heel wedges and were followed for a period of 7 years and 5 months to 12 years. Those who were treated with heel wedges and analgesics showed a significantly greater improvement in pain score than those treated with analgesics only.

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