Cork Heel Lifts

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Cork Heel Lifts for casual and fashion footwear
G&W cork heel lifts and shoe lifts are designed for a comfortable fit in managing leg deficiencies.

They are available in 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm heights and are lightweight with beveled edges which makes for a good fit in both dress and casual shoes.

Available at a savings in Patient Packs of four lifts, which include double faced tape.

These inexpensive cork heel lifts are of comfortable design and made of high quality cork covered with soft vinyl.

G&W Cork lifts are better-insulated against cold, but our injection-molded vinyl lifts are more durable for work shoes, and boots.

International customers find your U.S. shoe size.

More information on heel lifts and their use in improving Leg Length Inequality and Low Back Pain, or how to determine your need for one.

Our products are made in the USA


Cork Heel Lift Patient Pack of Four
Our Cork Patient Pack for individuals; four of our cork shoe lifts, plus tape, in your size and height.
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Cork Heel Lift Starter Pack of 48 from G&W Heel Lift
Professional Starter Pack Assortment of 48 of our cork lifts in 16 combinations of size and height.(Extra wide cork lifts are not included) Also included is one roll of Double Faced Tape and 25 Leg Length Brochures.
Our special tape for heel lifts
Special double-faced tape to secure heel lifts in shoes. We include this tape with our Patient Packs and Starter Packs.
G&W Cork heel lifts are designed to be permanently attached in a pair of shoes, using glue or double-sided tape. We supply special double-sided tape with our Cork Patient Pack (four cork lifts in a single size) and our Starter Pack for clinics. (48 assorted size and height lifts).

Our products are made in the USA

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